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Band PA System rental – EV speakers, Shure mics (chicago)

Band PA System rental We are a family own business that started by family and friends complaints who did not have the money to hire a DJ for life’s big events, or who were upset that a DJ didn’t play the music they liked or the songs they requested. We decided to rent powerful PA systems at an affordable price which you are able to plug in your Ipod, laptop, phone’s, etc and just press play.
Nick (708) 714 1547

EV powered PA system rental.

Package 1. 1200 watts Basic PA up to 125 guest indoors $155 (music/vocal Just connect your ipod, laptop or any music device)
Package 2. 1200 watts Medium PA up to 150 guest indoors $165 (music/vocal Just connect Ipod/lapop) 30% more bass than package 1.
Package 3. 2000 watts Premium PA up to 175 guest indoors $175 (music/vocal Just connect Ipod/lapop)

You want to add more bass to your party?
1. 18″ bass cabin 700 watts for $65*
2. 18″ bass cabins 1400 watts for $115

Shure wireless microphone rental
BLX24/ PG58 wireless set $30*
BLX24/SM58 wireless set $35*
BLX24/B58 Beta wireless set $40*

CHAUVET wedding lighting and Uplighting units.

Chauvet slimpar56 $20 (5 minimum)
Chauvet slimpar64 $25 (5 minimum)
Chauvet LFS5 gobo (wedding monogram) projector $45*

DJ LED packages (all Chauvet LED , dance to the beat of the music)
$45 for 4 lights and 12ft stand*
Power Generators (special) 4500 watts $70

Wedding backdrop start at $175

Optima projector rental and screen $165

*When added to services over $125

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