Posted November 10, 2016 at 1:16 pm by anthony green

Butterfly Compact Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Compact Recreational Ping Pong Table
Regularly $649.99. Pick up from our distribution warehouse and have significant savings only $424 including Taxes.
We have a distribution warehouse in Elk Grove Village.
This is not a showroom. Goods are stored and shipped from the location and are not shown in a show room or retail setting.
The warehouse people will assist you in loading the box (which usually is about 58″ x 62″ x 6″) into your vehicle.
We do have delivery options for delivery that would vary depending on your zip code for delivery.
Call us at 855-473-4488 or order a pick up online
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The ideal table for those looking for an excellent indoor/outdoor table at an affordable price. Assembly time of 10-15 minutes
3 year warranty
9′ long x 5′ wide & 2’6″ high
Storage Dimensions: 4’8″ high x 5′ wide x 3″ deep
12 mm COMPREG top provides excellent bounce, performance, and durability Advantages of COMPREG: Resilience of wood, strength of steel, and life of plastic. Butterfly outdoor net and post set included Playback feature for single player practice Locking wheels for safe and easy rollaway

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