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Collection of Vintage/Antique Typewriters – $749 (Chicago)


Our gallery is located on Roosevelt and Cicero on the fourth floor. We’re available for pick-up Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm. We accept payment of cash or card. Delivery options are available outside of the City of Chicago! Please contact us with additional questions!

-A Collection of Antique Typewriters
-Pricing ranges from $15-$295 depending on specific typewriter
-Typewriters can be sold individually for noted prices or as a lot for $749 (OBO)
-Collection includes the following:

(MISC156B) Byron Jardine Petite Superior Red Junior Children’s Typewriter. Top is missing. $15

(MISC156C) Vintage Mehano Children’s Barbie Typewriter. $40

(MISC156D) German GSN manfactured tin toy typewriter/label-maker. Not fully functioning, but labels are intact; collector’s display piece. $115

(MISC156E) Antique Underwood Typewriter. Missing Side Panels. $175

(MISC156G) Royal Typewriter. Black metal Side Panels. $195

(MISC156K) Master Model Four Stenotype, from LaSalle Extension University with Stenography instruction manual. Dark green, metal exterior with plastic keys and original label intact. Fully mechanical; may have some functional defects. Original case not available. $50

(MISC156L) Sperry Remingtom SR101 Electronic Typewriter. $85

(MISC156M) Retro Toshiba T3100/20 Portable Computer. Ports intact, no power cables available. $50

(MISC156N) Brother HQ-220 Electronic Typewriter. Features “Wordspell!” $20

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