Posted August 19, 2016 at 3:42 pm by Lawrence

National Sales/Talent Director (John Hancock Building)

Chicago Performing Arts Academy (Iconic John Hancock Center)

Guaranteed top compensation + medical benefits, cell phone allowance & paid travel!

Now Hiring in Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu Hawaii, Seattle, Portland, Beverly Hills, Santa Barbara, Sacramento, Reno Nevada, Hollywood, San Jose, Maui Hawaii
and other cities!!

The International Performing Arts Academy was established 1970. Our new office hasoverlooks Michigan Ave in the heart of the Gold Coast. Fast paced Agency atmosphere booking and training models/talent for our clients worldwide.

Company Culture:
Work evenings and weekends conducting new model/talent events, new creative space and location, employee lounge, and gym.

Job Scope:
Interview and enroll for acting, modeling, singing & dancing workshops and a brand new day program for middle and High school classes. Collect fees for training and/or commissions for agency jobs. Must be comfortable presenting tuition ranging from $2,995 – $ 28,995 .


* Must be a Role-Model/Mentor for teenage girls. Teen female development education or life experience required.

* MUST be an assertive, well-spoken, sales-minded LEADER with a chic, fashionable appearance to inspire our students, families, and clients.

* Experience in intangible sales a major plus — ex. Head Hunter, School Admissions, Membership Services, Fitness, Timeshare.

*Bi-lingual candidates are encouraged to apply

Call Mr. Lawrence, President, at 415-272-6953 to introduce yourself. Email your resume & a headshot (if available) to Lawrence@lionmgmt.com

Scheduling 1-1 Interview’s in person NOW!!
Start immediately, paid weekly

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